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This will be a Hybrid showALL exhibits will be mounted on the show floor.  In addition, we encourage all exhibitors to also mount their exhibits on the PIPEX website.  (There is no additional fee -- or discount either! -- for mounting on the website.)

April 29 and 30, May 1, 2022

Portland, Oregon


Important Dates

March 21, 2022
April 15
April 26
April 28

Exhibits are closed.
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Individual Exhibits

Prospectus for PIPEX 2022 – Downloadable, printable PDF file

Exhibit Entry Form – Downloadable, printable PDF file

Club Exhibits

Since the exhibit space in our hotel is less than in other years,
PIPEX 2022 will not include club exhibits.

Exhibit No. Name No. of Frames Exhibit Title
Address Description
Medal Points Special Awards
1 Joe Voice 3 The Varney Airgram: An Introduction
Pasco WA Results of a special study presented as a philatelic reference for use by other collectors. Includes a type catalog.
  See the whole exhibit
LV 83  
2 Louis Fiset 1 Gum Breakers on Fourth Bureau Issue Rotary Stamp Production
Seattle, WA Documents development of gum breaker technology by BEP engineers to overcome paper curl on rotary sheet and booklet stock
  See the whole exhibit
LG 91 American Philatelic Congress Award
3 Jerry Johnson 8  United States Third Class Mail
Kennewick, WA An overviewof U.S. third class mail from its inception in 1863 to 1963
V 75  
4 Robert G Rufe 1 U.S. "Special" Booklet Paper Printings of 1928
Hockessin, DE In 1928, remnant obsolete booklet pane paper was repuroposed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to print a limited number of regular sheet stamps.
  See the whole exhibit
LG 94 PIPEX SINGLE-FRAME GRAND AWARD; American Philatelic Society Research  Award;
United States Stamp Society W. Wallace Cleland Award
5 Paul Schumacher 1 1874a 
Cherry Hill, NJ My connection with the Everett Dirksen color-omitted error stamp of 1981 (Scott 1874a)
  See the whole exhibit
G 85 PIPEX George Struble Innovation Award
6 Larry Maddux 10 Territorial Covers used in Oregon and Washington
Vancouver, WA Presentation of covers and routes where it can be determined used before statehood by UPS, private carriers, or military express
LV 82 Postal History Society Medal
7 Louis Fiset 6 Civilians, Merchant Seamen and Soldiers Interned in Canada during World War II (1939-1946)
Seattle, WA Documents Canada's WW II internment program consisting of alien refugees and enemies, enemy merchant seamen and German soldiers
  See the whole exhibit
G 88 American Philatelic Society Award of Excellence 1940-1980;
British North American Philatelic Society Best BNA Exhibit
8 Tim Bergquist 1 Lighthouses of America: Beacons on U.S. Stamps
Eugene, OR This topical exhibit focuses on lighthouses in the U.S. that have been depicted on U.S. stamps
  See the whole exhibit
SB 61 Upper Bongoland Collector’s Club Larry Spray Encouragement Award
9 Ken Gilbert 6 Landpost "uber" Lehrte: An Example of the Rural Mail System in Germany 1933-1992
Columbus, OH An exemplar for the rural mail system in Germany
  See the whole exhibit
G 85 Germany Philatelic Society Chris Hunt Award (Reserve Grand Award); Herman L. Halle Research Award
10 Catherine and Ken Gilbert 1 96 Elephants: the Story of Human-Elephant Interaction
Columbus, OH A brief look at human-elephant interaction through stamps, covers, and ephemera, where "96" will be explained in the text
  See the whole exhibit
V 78 American Topical Association One-frame Merit Award
11 Ken Gilbert 10 Soccer Made in Germany
Columbus, OH Display exhibit showing the story of the Beautiful Game in Germany through philatelic material and ephemera
V 79 American Topical Association 2nd Award
12 Roger Brody 8 Jamestown 1907
Somerset, NJ The three-stamp issue celebrating the tercentenary of the 1607 Jamestown settlement and the 1907 World's Fair and Naval Exposition
  See the whole exhibit
LG 93 PIPEX GRAND AWARD; American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Award of Honor (Treatment); United States Stamp Society Statue of Freedom Award
13 Ralph Nafziger 10 The 3c 1936 Oregon Territory Issue 
Albany, OR Development of the stamp from design to production, first day cancels and cachets, and worldwide uses are shown
LG 90 PIPEX RESERVE GRAND AWARD; American First Day Cover Society Award of Excellence;
United States Stamp Society Hugh M. Southgate Memorial Trophy
14 Hugh Sebag-Montefiore 7 Anti-British Propaganda and Caricature Postcards of the Second Anglo-Boer War
  The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 coincided with the picture postcard "Golden Age." Postcards were then widely used to spread propaganda and to sway public sentiment.
G 88
15 [Withdrawn]  
16 Donald Bourassa 4 Design changes in the portrait of Queen Victoria  British Empire postage stamps from the 19th Century
Leesburg, FL An exploration of the major and minor design changes to Queen Victoria stamps of 1840-1900
  See the whole exhibit
LS 73 Benninghoff Encouragement Award
17 Dickson Preston 4 Posthorn Postal History: Uses of the 1951 Definitive Series of Germany
Seattle, WA Letters, postcards, and postal forms using the new series of stamps
  See the whole exhibit
G 85 Germany Philatelic Society President's Grand Award
18 Dickson Preston 1 Belgian Expansion into East Africa 1916-1924
Seattle, WA Letters, postcards, and telegrams tell the story of the Belgian invasion and occupation of German East Africa
  See the whole exhibit
LG 91 American Philatelic Society Award of Excellence 1900-1940
19 [Withdrawn]  
20 Boris Sheykhetov 5 Strange Usage of a 1 pf. Hindenburg Issue
San Francisco, CA The purpose of this exhibit is to illustrate the history of circulation of the "1 pf" Hindenburg make-up stamp issued on December 4, 1933
V 77
21 Ross Marshall 10 1939 World Cruise RMS Franconia
Otorohanga, New Zealand A chronological exposition on the 1939 world cruise -- the last of the epic cruises
  See the whole exhibit
LV 83 American Topical Association 1st Award
22 Doug Matthews 1 Non-stop Across the Pond: the 1919 Transatlantic Flight of Alcock and Brown
Port Moody, BC Display exhibit telling the story of how John Alcock and Arthur Brown becamse the first aviators to fly non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean
  See the whole exhibit
LS 71 American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Gold Award of Honor;
British North American Philatelic Society Best BNA One-frame Exhibit
23 Michael Dixon 10 WWII British Military Air Mail Letter Cards and Air Letters
Portland, Oregon GB letter cards and air letters used to, from, and between forces in different theatres of war
G 86 American Airmail Society Award of Excellence
24 George Struble 1 1920 Airmail Service Frankfurt - Basel: What a Fiasco!
Salem, Oregon Planning and preparation delayed start of the service to November. It was severely hampered by winter weather, and little used, especially southbound from Frankfurt.
  See the whole exhibit
LG 90 Germany Philatelic Society GPS One-frame Grand Award
25 Nick Lombardi 6 Getting Collared -- the Use of Stamp Collars in the United States
Mountainside, NJ The first of its kind, this exhibit shows the different types of stamp collars used in the United States
LV 83  
26 Benedict Termini 8 Porte de Mar Stamps of Mexico 1875-1879
Fort Worth, TX Stamps used to pay sea postage on maritime mail from Mexico to Europe and the United States between 1875 and 1879
  See the whole exhibit
LG 90
27 Lloyd Ferrell 1 The U.S. Battleship Oregon (1893-1919)
Beaverton, Oregon The career of the Battleship Oregon is illustrated using mail,postcards, and other material from 1893 launching to final decommissioning in 1919
  See the whole exhibit
LV 80 American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Gold Award of Honor
28 Edward Field 1 Use of $5 Prexie Stamps to Pay Excess-value Registery Surcharges
Pacific Palisades, CA Twelve covers bearing $5 prexie stamps paying excess-value registry surcharges 1939-1956
  See the whole exhibit
G 87
29 Niko Courtelis 1 The Ubiquitous Paper Stamp Perforation Gauge
Portland, OR This exhibit explores the history, development, and proliferation of the now-ubiquitous paper stamp perforation guage, with over 25 examples
LV 81 American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Creativity Award;
People's Choice Award
30 Eric Knapp 4 Cold War Radar Stations of Arctic North America 1953-1995
Anchorage, AK The postal history of the DEW line, the Arctic Warning and Control System, and the Ballistic MissileEarly Warning System from 1953 to 1995
  See the whole exhibit
V 76
31 Jan Hofmeyr 1 Designing the 1861 3c Stamp of the USA
Vancouver, BC The exhibit details the essays, trials, and design process that culminated in the 1861 3c stamp. It covers both the unsuccessful and successful bidders for the contract
  See the whole exhibit
LG 92 American Philatelic Society Award of Excellence pre-1900
32 Jan Hofmeyr 1 The Process that led to the "Grill" Stamps of the United States 1865-1868
Vancouver, BC The exhibit covers the complete history of experiments that led to the issue, in 1868, of the "grill" stamps of the United States
  See the whole exhibit
    Court of Honor
33 Michael Bloom 10 The essays and proofs of Guatemala
Portland, OR Essays and proofs from the entire period of Guatemala philately are displayed, including unique archival material and artists' sketches
  See the whole exhibit
G 86  
34 [Withdrawn]  
35 Steve Zwillinger 3 Indian Court Fee Stamps 1872-1882
Silver Spring, MD This revenue exhibit shows archival material, stamps, and uses of the type specific (i.e. non-provisional) Indian Court Fee stamps of Queen Victoria
LV 82  
36 Roger Brody 1 Great Americans Issue 1980-1999: Production Varieties
Somerset, NJ A study of production varieties, including examples of every major perforation and color omission errors, as well as rarely seen unintended equipment malfunction production mishaps
  See the whole exhibit
G 89 American Philatelic Society Award of Excellence post-1980
37 Donald Blais 9 The Evolution of Bridges
  See the whole exhibit
S 65  
38 Judith Newblom 3 Barriers, Breakthroughs, and Bravery -- Women Pioneers in the Race to Space
Sequim, WA Focus on Women pioneers -- aviators, cosmonauts, and astronauts from 1959 to 1984 with significant historical events prior to, during, and after this period showing their place in the race to space
S 67 American Topical Association 3rd Award;
Women Exhibitors Sterling Achievement Award
39 Jared Gazin 2 Exploring French Architecture through Stamps
Portland, OR Topical youth exhibit traveling clockwise through France celebrating regional examples of French architecture
40 Amelia Kelbert 2 The World of the Monarch Butterfly (Donaus Plexippus)
Calgary, AB A long-distance traveler, the Monarch Butterfly is the best known butterfly in the world. This youth exhibit is about its life cycle (metamorphosis), migration, its world, and then its need for conservation
G   American Topical Association Youth Award
41 Norma Nielsen 2 Faberge's Imperial Easter Eggs: Exquisite Extravagance
Eugene, OR This postcard exhibit describes the captivating tale of Faberge's Imperial Easter eggs,fifty of which were made 1885-1916
LS 73 Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs Thunderbird Award
42 Liz Hisey 1 Trolleys in Oregon and Washington State in the early 1900's
University Park, FL A one frame postcard exhibit showing how the trolley's developed in the early 1900's in the cities of Oregon and Washington State
43 Liz Hisey 1 Christmas Dinner at the Portland Hotel, 1914
University Park, FL  One frame of the multiframe display exhibit focusing on the Christmas Day menu at the Portland Hotel, Or
44 Mark Loomis 1 The ‘Admirals’ of Southern Rhodesia
Tigard, OR  
45 Josiah W. 1 The Wedgwood Booklets
46 Mark Loomis 3 The Bible: From Antiquity to Modern Culture
Tigard, OR  
47 Bill Seymour 1 New Zealand Stamp Papers during the reign of King George V

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