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PIPEX 2015 Exhibits



Competitive philatelic entries at PIPEX 2015 will be judged by an American Philatelic Society approved panel of accredited judges:

Tim Bartsche (chair)

Janet Klug

Hal Vogel

Ed Kroft

Steve Zwillinger


Accepted Exhibits

Frame Numbers




Military Postal History Society



Civil Censorship Study Group



Universal Ship Cancellation Society



American Society of Polar Philatelists



Soviet Antarctic 1955-1959

Ross Marshall


Polar exhibit with wide variety of philatelic and supporting material for preparation for third IGY - the first four Soviet Antarctic expeditions


The 3-cent 1948 Oregon Territory Issue

Ralph Nafziger


Stamp development from design to production, first day cancellations and cachets, and stamp usages are shown.


U.S. Departmentals, 1873 to 1884

Lester Lanphear III


In-depth study of the US Departmentals, including proofs, stamps, varieties, plate multiples, cancels, used multiples, and covers


1871 Commune of Paris Prisoners' Mail

Louis Fiset


Mail of civilian prisoners taken after the fall of the Commune of Paris in May 1871


Returned Unmailable and Undeliverable US domestic Surface First-class Cards

Tony Wawrukiewicz


Shows postal history of the Return to Writer return process for US domestic first-class postal and post card mail from 1887 to the present


Club Exhibit

Pacific Northwest Postal History Society


Club Exhibit

Edmonton Stamp Club


Club Exhibit

Oregon Stamp Society


Club Exhibit

Anchorage Philatelic Society


Club Exhibit

Linn County Philatelic Society


Clark County, Washington Territory

Michael Jaffe


This exhibit focuses on the postal history originating from or sent to Clark County, Washington Territory.


Alaska at War

Eric Knapp


World War II in Alaska and Western Canada: History in a thematic style


Oregon Connections to Pearl Harbor and Early Events in the Pacific 1941 -1942

Lloyd Ferrell


This exhibit focuses on covers from individuals or vessels connected to Oregon at Pearl Harbor and other early events of WW2 in the Pacific



Beatrice Vogel


This exhibit uses stamps to illustrate information about the biology and hunting activity of this intriguing animal


Ports of Call of the U S F. Constitution

Len Lukens


Showing ports of call cruise 1931-1934


Go, the World's Oldest Board Game

Lester Lanphear III


Shows the game's equipment, history and culture over the last 4.000 years


"Liebe Mutter" - Mail from Siberia 1915-1918

Neil Donen


The internment story of German merchant sailor Wilhelm Arfsten is told through POW cards sent home and postcards of his travels through Siberia


British Columbia and Vancouver Island Postal History

Fraser Thompson


Development of postal communications in what is now the province of British Columbia


Horace and Betty Get Married

Anne Harris


This is the courtship, marriage, and honeymoon of Horace and Betty. The story is narrated by Horace. This is a work of fiction.


Yangtze River Naval Covers 1932-1941

Don Tjossem


Illusttrated and event covers from U.S. naval ships during the "golden era"


Hyderabad -- Indian Feudatory State

Ali Ather Arastu


Hyderabad stamps -- 1857-1949, handstruck postage, bell post, oficial postage, freaks and errors, proofs


Victorian Machines

Bill Seymour


Machine cancels from Great Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria


Lofthouse Park Internment Camp 1914-1918

Graham Mark


This shows a variety of censor markings on internees' mail, most of them applied at the camp to paid and unpaid mail


Polar Icepick #1

John P. Young


Selected pages depicting the polar explorations of America's first icebreaker, the USS/USCGC Staten Island (1954-74)


Games of the Xth Olympiad - Los Angeles 1932

Conrad Klinkner


This exhibit covers the period from the initial effort to obtain the 1932 Olympics and ends with the closing ceremonies of a record-detting Games


Running for the Gold: Heroes of the Olympics 10,000

Joan Carroll


From the Flying Finns to Oregon's own, follow outstanding athletes as they shave seconds off the Olympics 10,000-meter record


1940-1945 Red Cross Civilian Message Scheme for the German Occupied British Channel

Anne G Lowfyle


A presentation of International Red Cross Message Scheme Stationery and ancillary materials for the British Channel Islands during their occupation by Germany between 1940 and 1945.


Alexander Hamilton: Soldier, Financier, Statesman, Founder

Jack Congrove


Display exhibit using philatelic items, postcards, and historical material to illustrate the events in Hamilton's life and highlight his influence on the United States government


The New Zealand Chalon Issues – The First Ten Years

David Patterson


This exhibit shows the classic issues of New Zealand 1855-1864 with a strong showing of unused, used, and multiples and representative covers


The Allied Intervention in Russia  1918-1925

Alfred Kugel


Mail of the allied forces sent to North Russia, South Russia, and Siberia in the aftermath of World War I


The Suspension of United States Mail to Switzerland 1942-1945

Charles LaBlonde


The definitive, research-based, exhibit that finally clarifies this complex WW II period


Ellan Vannin: Isle of Man

William Drummond


This exhibit shows postal markings for the period 1772 through 1945 on the island


United States 1870-88 Bank Note Issue Postal History

Matthew Kewriga


This exhibit shows the domestic and foreign postal history of the United State 1870-88 Bank Note Issue during its period of general use from 1870 to 1890


United States 1870-73 2-cent Jackson Bank Note: From Model to Complete Die

Matthew Kewriga


This exhibit shows the design progression of the 1870-73 2-cent Bank Note issue from models to completed design. All recorded essay states and proofs are shown including plate multiples.


USS Oregon, Bulldog of the Fleet

Robert Rawlins (posthumous showing)


A philatelic history of this historic ship


The Often Forgotten Role of the Union Navy in the Civil War

The Pollock Family


This exhibit examines the role the US Navy playe in the Civil War through ship covers, period engravings, CdVs, maps, and manuscript documents


The British Main Line Military Railway Post Office in Europe in 1919

Alfred Kugel


Mail sent by the primary British TPO operating between Cologne and Boulogne during the occupation of Germany in 1919


Mozambique Company 1918-1936 Issues

Lester J. Wadsworth


Archival material, stamps and usages from the 1918-1936 period of the Mozambique Company


Morale Maintenance Work in W.W.I by U.S. Service Organizations

Sergio Lugo


The work of eight service organizations, comprising over 45,000 paid stff and 200,000+ volunteers, in maintaining morale of American military forces in W.W.I.


U.S. 3-cent Washington Stamp 1851-1857

Marc Dochez


A color study of the U.S. 3-cent stamp of 1851, including shades, plating, and usages


DeCoppet Razor Cancelers of Switzerland

Roger Heath


The invention and development of flexible-head cancelers of Switzerland, the standard for over 60 years


Club Exhibit

Northwest Philatelic Library


Club Exhibit

Greater Eugene Stamp Society


Club Exhibit

Tri-Cities Stamp Club


Club Exhibit

Salem Stamp Society


Club Exhibit

Strait Stamp Society


U.S. Internment of Noncombatants in World War II (1939-1948)

Louis Fiset


Mail of detained and interned noncombatant enemy aliens from Germany, Italy, and Japan


Purple Horrors: U.S. 3 Cent Commemoratives 1904-1945

Dickson Preston


Stamps and postal history of our 3-cent purple commemoratives showing a wide variety of rates and uses


The Censorship of Swiss WW II Card Mail

Charles LaBlonde


Censor's eye view of Swiss WW II card mail, domestic and international.  The complete postal history of this mail.


Mail to and from the U.S. Navy via U.S. airmail, 1918-1941

Steve Shay


Commercial use of airmail for personal and official business by the U.S. Navy


U. S. Army Post Offices in Greenland 1941-1945

Dickson Preston


APO mail from isolated outposts in Greenland sent during World War II


The 1/2p Machin of Great Britain, 1971-1985

Marcus Woodward


History and use of the 1/2p Machin as a make-up.


The 6c US transport Airmail Issue of 1941: Usages and Rates

Steve Davis


Usages and rates of 6c transport airmail stamps including domestic, possessions/territories, military, and foreign


Returned Unmailable and Undeliverable US Domestic Surface First-class Letters

Tony Wawrukiewicz


Shows history of Return to Writer / Dead letter Office return process for US domestic surface first-class letter mail in relation to return address use


Alaskan Provisional Censor Markings on WW2 Army Mail

Steve Henderson


Early provisional censorship of soldiers' mail sent from Alaskan army bases


British Postal Cancellations on "Whizz-Bang" Military Post Cards of WWI

Anne G Lowfyle


Showing the diversity of British Military Postal service cancellations during the Great War using the medium of so-called "Whizz-Bang" post cards.


The Pre-Federation Stamps of Southern Rhodesia

Mark M Loomis


This exhibit focuses on the stamps issued by or used in Southern Rhodesia from 1923 to 1953


The Cancels of Southern Rhodesia

Mark M Loomis


This exhibit provides an overview of the principal cancelers used in Southern Rhodesia


Club Exhibits (one frame each)

Pac NW Postal History Society

Northwest Philatelic Library

Oregon Stamp Society

Tri-Cities Stamp Club

Strait Stamp Society

Linn County Philatelic Society

Salem Stamp Society

Anchorage Philatelic Society

Greater Eugene Stamp Society

Edmonton Stamp Club

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